925 sterling silver necklace Snowflake Winter Double Sided


Gold Silver

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Hand crafted jewelry
This resplendent Snowflake Necklace imparts a sense of uniqueness upon the wearer, as no two snowflakes are alike. A noteworthy winter delight, sit fire side with a steaming mug of hot cocoa full of marshmallows and admire this timeless accessory. A symbol of individuality, this necklace emits radiant shine on and on with the intricacies you come to expect in such a special piece.
Measurements "0.7"" x 0.7"" (18mm x 18mm)"
Weight pendant 1.3 g
Weight chain 3.4 g
Total weight 4.7 g
For adults Unisex
For children Unisex
Material 925 Sterling Silver

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