Made in USA

Every piece is made in USA (Los Angeles, CA)

We'll even tell you about the process.

1. Design
Our talented designer will concept the new piece from a sketch or a 3-D object provided by the customer.
The designer will input these designs into highly sophisticated computer system that will prepare it for the molding.

2. Molding
After the design has been agreed upon, the designs get moved to the next stage of production.  If the piece has been designed from a sketch, a metal mold will be created, and if it is designed from a 3-D object, a rubber mold will be created.

3. Shooting
With a metal mold, plastic is injected, and a rubber mold, wax is injected. 

4. Tree
After the pieces have been shot, the wax and plastic molds are then placed in a tree.

5. Flask
The tree is then placed into the flask.  After the tree is properly sitting in the flask the holes in the flask are covered.

6. Investment
To prepare the molds for the oven an investment is poured into the flask.  After the investment is covering the complete tree it is left to dry.

7. Baking
After the investment is completely dry the Tree is placed into the oven.  While in the oven the molds melt out of the investment.

8. Cast
Only when all of the molds have been completely removed out of the investment is when the pieces are casted.

9. Cooling Water
To get the pieces out of the tree, they are placed in cooling water that caused the investment to come out.

10. Acid
The pieces are then cut away from the tree and placed into an acidic solution.  This acid will continue to clean the piece and remove any excess  pieces of investment.

Azaggi works only with USA  high-quality 925 sterling silver jewelry and 14k gold plated over sterling silver. This  precious metal is one of the best in the world and is made of 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is usually made of copper. Nickel is NOT used in our 925 sterling silver jewelry.   

The American safety standards are vital because about 10-20% of people are allergic to nickel. What is even more important is that multiple individuals with the allergy don not always realize it. Moreover, regular or occasional contact with nickel will continue to make your allergy even more severe. 

 Azaggi is an American company that is concerned with the environment and is heavily concentrated in contributing to the US economy as well. The company is strictly committed to all US regulation standards and compliances when Azaggi was created.  The Azaggi brand is synonymous with US superior quality at every level, from the selection of finest materials to expert workmanship to the highest customer service commitment. Each of our 925 sterling silver NECKLACES, RINGS, ANKLETS, BRACELETS, EARRINGS, PENDANTS, JEWELRY ACCESSORIES and KEYCHAINS are made with love, passion and personal care.