About us

Azaggi is a fashion jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, CA, established in 2012. The name of the company comes from the word “Azad,” which means freedom.

Azaggi Jewelry is the ultimate add-on to any outfit for any occasion, no matter if it is a high-end cocktail party or just a walk in the park. All Azaggi pieces shine with distinction and originality, beauty and meaning. That's because we create each one of them with love, passion, and a bit of magic...
Made to be a Piece of You!

We believe in quality versus quantity. We stand behind the quality of our work and the quality of our team. We have created a vast collection of 925 sterling silver and gold plated jewelry and we continue to add more beautiful and meaningful unique items to it. Our highly qualified and advanced professionals are poring over the tiniest details because we care about each and every customer and our main goal is maximum customer satisfaction.

We are socially responsible. We strive to give back by supporting various environmental, educational, community, and charity campaigns. We are committed to socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing to minimize environmental impact. We heavily invest in green technologies. We only use refined and recycled silver to create our products.

Every single Azaggi product is manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, USA.