Gold plated necklace Lady Justice Roman Goddess


Gold Silver

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Hand crafted jewelry
Inspired by Lustitia, the Roman goddess of justice, who represents truth and fairness in law, this Lady Justice Necklace holds a scale to show the process of weighing evidence in one hand and holds a downward sword to show punishment in the other. This iconic symbol is an authoritative, yet understated piece for a legal eagle or a special superheroine, who is always fighting the good fight for truth and justice. A standout addition to anyone's jewelry collection.
Measurements "0.9"" x 0.6'' (22mm x 15mm)"
Weight pendant 1.2 g
Weight chain 3.4 g
Total weight 4.6 g
For adults Unisex
For children Unisex
Material 14K Gold Plated over Sterling Silver

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