925 sterling silver necklace Filigree Elephant


Gold Silver

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Hand crafted jewelry
When you think of elephants, you often think of their representation of memory, but did you know why we relate the two? Very intelligent animals, elephants are also capable of displaying a wide range of emotions from joy to grief, as well as having a life spanning memory. Remembering locations of watering holes from their youth, they are able to lead their packs to better pastures. This intricately beautiful Elephant Necklace embodies this dignified creature and makes for a special heirloom piece to pass on to generations to come.
Measurements "0.8"" x 0.6"" (20mm x 14mm)"
Weight pendant 2.5 g
Weight chain 3.4 g
Total weight 5.9 g
For adults Unisex
For children Unisex
Material 925 Sterling Silver

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