925 sterling silver necklace Tiny Two-Toned Lucky Horseshoe Double Sided


Gold Silver

+1 (213) 3226869
Hand crafted jewelry
The horseshoe has long been a badge of good fortune, as well as a staunch guardian to all who bare it. Pulling double duty, this Horseshoe Necklace wards off evil spirits and awakens our inner magnetism for happiness and good luck. Pair this piece with any ensemble for a country western feel or maybe just rock it for the additional positive vibes, either way this fantastic necklace is your best bet!
Measurements "0.5"" x 0.3"" (12mm x 8mm)"
Weight pendant 0.9 g
Weight chain 3.4 g
Total weight 4.3 g
For adults Unisex
For children Unisex
Material 925 Sterling Silver

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