925 sterling silver necklace Good Luck Horseshoe Four Leaf Clover Wishbone


Gold Silver

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Hand crafted jewelry
"When the ""luck of the Irish"" alone won’t do, try for the triple play of fortune with this Good Luck Necklace. The universe will take notice and send out great energy and tons of karma points because not only do you have a four leaf clover around your neck, you’ve got the tried and true horseshoe for added protection plus a wishbone for that last bit of bonus positivity. The perfect accessory to enrich your, or your loved ones’ jewelry collection."
Measurements "0.9"" x 0.7'' (22mm x 17mm)"
Weight pendant 2 g
Weight chain 3.4 g
Total weight 5.4 g
For adults Unisex
For children Unisex
Material 925 Sterling Silver

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